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07th Jul 2018

Dublin woman learned she had skin cancer after being diagnosed with psoriasis

'I don't know why people don't talk about skin cancer more.'

A woman from Lucan in Dublin was initially told that her skin cancer was simply psoriasis.

Margaret Murphy, a self-confessed sun worshipper, had lesions on her forehead for years and eventually went to have them seen.

One dermatologist she dealt with told her that she was suffering with psoriasis, a relatively common skin condition.

“But then the lesions started to blister, I could feel them tingle all the time,” she told Dublin Live.

Margaret went to her GP, who referred her to St James’ Hospital. She was told by the hospital that she would hear back in the next 18 months to two years.

Mags Murphy’s Journey

She says that as the lesions were hidden by her hair, she wasn’t too concerned and ignored the issue for the two years.

She went back to her doctor and within a few weeks was diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells.

Margaret was put on a course of chemotherapy that can be done at home.

I liked the sun and my mother had been through the same treatment.

“I knew it could be treated. I was able to have the cancerous cells frozen off but because of my history, they said there could be more that haven’t shown up yet so they treated my whole face.”

Margaret now blogs about her experience with cancer and even works with the Irish Cancer Society.

She warns that it’s not just moles people need to be wary of as the cells appeared as patches of dry skin.

“I had the patches for over ten years before I was treated.

“It ended up that the patches were the parts of my face least affected by the cancerous cells. My chin was the worst and there were no marks there.

“I don’t know why people don’t talk about skin cancer more, especially in weather like we’re having right now.”


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