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25th Jul 2023

Couples to get one full round of IVF for free under new scheme

Couples will have access to one full round of IVF under a new scheme.

The publicly funded scheme will be rolled out in September, according to reports.

However, the scheme will be limited with a person’s BMI, age, and cause of infertility being considered before they’re approved.

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly will update Cabinet on the scheme this morning.

The State will cover a full cycle of IVF for couples who fit the criteria.

Women who have not yet had IVF or have had one full treatment can access the scheme. They will be entitled to one full round of IVF, which will be funded by the State. The state may also provide up to three cycles of IUI (intrauterine insemination treatment).

IUI is less invasive than IVF. This will be available to those who fit the criteria.

The scheme will be available to women aged under 41, as well as couples who do not have children.

Couples with a known clinical reason for their infertility will be able to access the programme.

Access criteria will restrict the number of people applying to the scheme, but up to 3,000 couples could avail of the programme once it is rolled out in the autumn.

The HSE is reportedly now finalising details with IVF clinics in Ireland.

€10m has been approved for the scheme by Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly. He will also reportedly secure a further €30m before the scheme is rolled out in September.