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28th Feb 2018

The ‘Cinderella Diet’ is getting dragged on Twitter and for good reason

Another week, another fad diet

There are no shortages of bizarre diets online, however, the latest one is getting major criticism from the women it claims to be for.

The ‘Cinderella Diet’ became popular in Japan before starting to trend on Twitter last week. Since then, more and more women have been pointing out the flaws in the dangerous diet.

It works by first measuring your height in metres, then squaring it and then multiplying it by 18. The final number is apparently meant to indicate the ideal amount of kilograms you should weigh.

Obviously, women have been calling BS on the extreme and dangerous diet, and have been sharing their opinions on Twitter.

The unrealistic goals being set by the bizarre new diet is reminding women about the dangerous body standards that are also set by the Disney character the diet is named after.

Many nutritionists and doctors have slammed the “diet” as a dangerous goal for people to set themselves.

“This is not a diet but an unrealistic goal for body size/weight that can damage your health,” certified dietician-nutritionist Gina Keatley told Cosmopolitan.

“Being underweight is just as bad as being overweight.”