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14th Mar 2018

Ciara is 22… and she lost 3 stone in six months using a novel approach to weight-loss

This is really inspiring.

Gillian Fitzpatrick

Getting fitter, losing weight, or just being that bit healthier.

Yup, most of us at some stage or another have taken a cold, hard look at our diets and exercise regimes.

But while a lot of the time you’re thinking only about what you eat or how much you move, the psychology of weight-loss can be extremely powerful too.

In short, if you want to change how you look and feel you need to consider what’s going on inside your head.

It’s something that one young Dublin woman – who lost an incredible 3 stone in just six months – has spoken about recently.

Ciara, in August 2017 almost a year after attending The D4 Clinic for the first time


“I was doing everything,” says 22-year-old Ciara Hennessy chatting to Her. “I’d been to slimming clubs almost a dozen times. I would join and re-join gyms constantly. I was trying ‘magic’ pills. But nothing worked.

“I was 16 and going to my Debs the first time I felt self-conscious about my weight,” she explains.

“As I got a bit older, more weight crept on and I just wanted to finally do something about it. I was determined to change.”

Ciara, who lives in Inchicore, was on Facebook when she spotted a story about a Dublin Bus driver who lost an incredible 4 stone in three months through hypnosis.

“And in the end I worked out that he was a cousin of sorts on my dad’s side of the family!” she laughs. “So I knew it was legitimate.”

Ciara back in August 2015 before she embarked on Jason’s programme


Back in September 2016, Ciara went to the same clinic she’d seen the bus driver rave about – The D4 Clinic, which is located in Blackrock, Co Dublin.

“It was €300 for the treatment – but I was more than willing to give it a go,” she says. “I’d wasted too much money on pills, slimming clubs, and gym memberships that did nothing for me and just didn’t work.”

As part of that package, Ciara received unlimited hypnosis sessions with renowned psychologist, Jason O’Callaghan.

Jason is a graduate of Trinity College and also trained in the US at the National Guild Of Hypnotists. He furthermore has qualifications in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and in counselling.

He practices what he preaches too: five years ago he lost 4 stone himself – and has kept it off since.

Jason O’Callaghan


“Sometimes some people can be a bit cynical about hypnosis if they don’t know a whole load about it,” Jason tells Her.

“But let’s not forget that how powerful hypnotherapy can be during the likes of childbirth. It’s increasingly being used during surgery as an alternative to general anesthetic.”

Jason continues: “We create an awareness that stops you from overeating – that’s more than any diet will do.

“But of course you need to want to change and be willing to change for it to really work.”

Jason highlights that while some people need just one or two sessions, others might need ten or 12 (he offers unlimited sessions with a €300, in-clinic package).

“This is a lifestyle change – you have to learn to cook. You have to get out of the habit of the likes of Tuesday evening wine. You need to bring your healthy snacks into the office with you. But yes, anyone can do it.”

Jason adds that around 80 percent of his successful clients lose two or three stone over the course of a couple of months – meaning they look and feel better. Better still, this isn’t a fad and his clients tend to keep the weight off.

“The answer is education,” he explains, “for example, we give everyone that comes in to see us a small blue plate because we know everyone eats less from a small blue plate than from a big white one.”

Jason furthermore cites the likes of eating too fast, eating in front of the TV, and not putting aside time to prepare food from scratch as danger-zones.

“And you need a little patience too,” he adds. “If you put weight on over 20 years you won’t lose it all again in 20 days.

“You need to learn new habits and get rid of old ones – you can’t learn to drive a car or play an instrument overnight, so you shouldn’t expect to lose weight overnight either.”

Meanwhile, Ciara continues to use the hypnosis techniques she learned with Jason at The D4 Clinic.

It’s a slow-and-steady discipline that has helped her stay slim – although she says that she started to see a difference just six weeks after kicking-off her new regime. “It feels great too when your family and friends are noticing that you’re losing a bit of the bulge!” she reflects now.

Ciara adds that since her success at The D4 Clinic, she’s successfully sent friends and family there too. Even her dad went along to Jason to tackle his anxiety.

Last Christmas, Ciara admits that – like most people – she had a mini splurge. “But I just got back on track again afterwards, listening to my recordings and being mindful of my diet.

“That’s the stage I’m at now – hypnosis is just part of my life… and it’s changed my life too.”

Jason’s top five tips for weight-loss:

  1. Eat your meals off a small blue plate
  2. Chew your food properly
  3. Don’t eat in front of the TV
  4. Be patient and be consistent
  5. Don’t reward yourself with food

Jason is offering his incredible D4 Clinic online weight-loss programme for HALF PRICE to Her readers – €49 instead of €99. This gives you six gastric band programme sessions plus a tutorial video and printable instructions.

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