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13th May 2021

You can now buy period underwear in Penneys for €7

Sarah McKenna Barry

Penneys launched their collection of period underwear yesterday.

When it comes to having a period, there are many different options available.

Some rely on pads. Others opt for tampons. Many embrace a combination of both, while plenty choose to use menstrual cups.

There is no wrong or right way to have a period, but one option has emerged as a popular alternative in recent times.

Period underwear are knickers that are designed to absorb your flow through a number of special layers that prevent the blood from leaking onto your clothes.

Many women prefer to use period pants due to their handiness, as well as their sustainability. However, price is often seen as a barrier to them. Plus they’re not necessarily widely available.

Penneys, however, have just launched their own collection of period underwear that start at the very reasonable price of €7. Consumers can also nab a three-pack for €19.

Primark announced their new line on Instagram yesterday.

“We are so, so excited to introduce our period underwear today,” they wrote.

“Available in two options of light-medium flow and medium-heavy flow, our period underwear has the same look of regular undies while working as a washable, reusable and planet friendly replacement for single use period products, allowing you to tackle your period with confidence.

“Our period underwear can be used with tampons and best to use on lighter days. Choose from high waisted midi’s, hipsters and mini briefs from £6/€7.”

Penneys’ period underwear are on sale right now, so if you have a shopping appointment there, be sure to check them out. For more information on how they work and how to care for them, head to Primark’s official website.

If you didn’t manage to grab an appointment, don’t worry. Penneys and all other non-essential retailers will be reopening fully next week from May 17.