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18th Apr 2017

5 quick and easy ways to clean up your diet TODAY

Okay… nobody panic, we’re all feeling a little sluggish post-Easter.

The good news is we’ve compiled a list of quick and easy things you can do TODAY which will help you detoxify your soul (we’re aware of the drama but it’s the Tuesday after the Bank Holiday… and we’re DRAMATIC).

  • ALL THE UISCE – We don’t need to tell you that our body is mostly made of water, that’s why we should be drinking a sh*t ton more water than we are. If you’ve over indulged with the Jesus egg celebrations, flushing it all out should be a priority… and the extra bathroom runs are a small price to pay.



  • STICK TO THE EDGES – Don’t you DARE walk into the centre of that supermarket. If you’re a bit late with the weekly shop and you’re venturing out this evening… stick to the edges, all the good stuff you need is around the perimeter, anything down the aisles spells bad news and highly processed. We’re talking fruit, veg, meat and dairy, it’s all there.



  • START IT RIGHT – Broken record we know… guess what? There’s a reason it’s said so often, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Countless nutritionists recommend eating within the first hour of waking up, for us it’s less time… it’s the first 30 minutes. Getting a nutritious start to the day is crucial for your blood sugar levels,  if you skip breakfast your insulin levels will spike heavily when you finally do eat and you’ll find it tough to get that balance back throughout the day. Omission is not an option here.





  • THINK BEFORE YOU EAT – We need to change our perspectives when it comes to food, keeping a food diary is a really good way to monitor what goes into your body on a daily basis. This has nothing to do with weight loss it’s just a good reminder of what our body is taking on. Days are long and we’re all busy… it may change your outlook faster than you think.



  • PREP YOUR FOOD – It honestly doesn’t take that long, and it’ll make the WORLD of difference, your fridge is fully stocked with all the yummy perimeter foods, so set aside an evening and prepare things. It can be daunting but they don’t have to be Gordon Ramsey quality dinner, something as simple as a vat of chili and half dozen turkey burgers will see you through the week and save a few pennies while you’re at it.




It’s the little changes that will make a big difference.