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05th Apr 2018

3 key moves to sculpt and tone your upper body like you won’t believe


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If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past few weeks of In Training with Vogue, it’s never EVER be afraid of weight training.

It sculpts, tones and perfects our body in ways we couldn’t imagine. Using weights to up our strength is key to feeling energised, positive and looking our best.

So this week is all about that upper body. It can be a bane, with many considering their upper body their problem area. Well, that’s about to change. If you haven’t been too sure what to do with those shoulders, or even your arms when you’re at the gym or working out at home, this week’s In Training with Vogue will sort that right out for you.

Vogue teamed up with Sophie Kavanagh, the European Crossfit Coach, personal trainer and wellness coach. It’s no wonder she has amassed over 20.000 Instagram followers as Sophie has a knack for making workout goals achievable for all, using movements we’ll all find easy to get used to with just a little bit of practise but that will also have us feeling the burn!

It might look easy, but those arms and shoulders will by dying by the time you’re finished this full shoulder and arm workout*. Here’s what to do if you’re looking to achieve the perfectly sculpted upper body.


Four to five sets of 12 reps in each of the following:

  • Shoulder press with the bar bell
  • Lateral raises
  • Cable Face pulls

Be sure to take a screen shot of what the workout involves here, or over on our Her Instragam – you’ll have it any time and any place you might need it. Now, on to one of the best workouts yet…

*This exercise may not be suitable for pregnant women.

Brought to you by SPAR.