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21st Sep 2018

The HB Ice Cream puns are in! Vote for the one you want to see nab €500

Brought to you by HB Ice Cream. 

We must admit, we received all sorts!

So firstly, we’d like to thank our wonderful readers for contributing to our office giggles. (You know who you are.)

We had asked our readers to screenshot one of the HB Ice Cream images we provided and create a pun within the ice cream’s speech bubble – all to be in with a chance of winning huge €500!

Now who wouldn’t love to have that extra dosh in their pocket? Before you can get your mitts on it though, there’s one final stage to the competition. We all need to vote for our favourite pun, provided below.

Here are our chosen top four contenders, and now it’s time to VOTE.

 Brought to you by HB Ice Cream.