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24th Feb 2023

Share the best advice you’ve received from an older person to WIN some Irish designer fashion

Ann Cronin

Brought to you by Innocent

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received from an older person?

There’s no question about it, the older people in our lives have provided us with a wealth of knowledge over the years.

Whether it’s an age-old tip for curing any ailment (a.k.a flat 7Up and dry toast) or some tough truths you didn’t want to hear at first but turned out to be all too accurate, we’ve all been blessed with some pearls of wisdom from our grannies, grandads and older neighbours from time to time.

In the knowledge that the older people of Ireland have a mine of incredible advice to offer, innocent is running a nationwide call-out for the best advice people have ever received from an elder. And as a lovely added bonus, the winning entry will take home some gorge fashion bits from Irish designer Pearl Reddington, worth an amazing €300! More on that below…

The giveaway is to mark the beginning of the Innocent Big Knit with Age Action, that time of year when our go-to fruity smoothies don a miniature knitted hat to raise vital funds for older generations. For the last year, lots of dedicated knitters all across Ireland have sent in the colourful woolly creations that are perched on top of innocent smoothies right now, in supermarkets nationwide.

If you pick up a smoothie wearing one of these little hats, 30c goes to Age Action – helping them to continue working towards a better quality of life for Ireland’s older people. Age Action does so much to support the older generation, from advocacy and empowerment to smaller acts of kindness, like helping with odd jobs around the house. So it truly is an organisation worthy of the extra support. 

With this year’s Big Knit comes some new research, revealing that over 90% of Irish people recognise the importance of intergenerational relationships for our society, with 80% of Irish people claiming that they would turn to an older person for advice or guidance.

With that in mind, innocent are encouraging the public to use this year’s Big Knit as an opportunity to catch up with an older person for ‘a knit and natter’ – and be sure to ask them to share their golden nuggets of wisdom and valuable life lessons. Here are some examples from innocent’s brand ambassadors…

“My parents had a saying for every occasion. I think the aptest for me was ‘Experience is the best teacher’. Getting out and experiencing life is better than sitting at home and forever planning or talking about doing things.” – Patrick McDonnell, actor

“Even if it doesn’t work out the way you want, at least you have a story to tell.”Pearl Reddington, Contemporary Bespoke Knitwear Designer

“I think just like most parents, Mam would always tell us to be kind to anyone that you meet even on the street because you never know what’s going on behind closed doors. “Anne Russell, Age Action Brand Ambassador


To celebrate this year’s Big Knit, innocent is asking Her readers to submit the best pearls of woolsdom (see what they did there?) they’ve ever received from an older person.

The winning entry will take home some gorge fashion bits from Irish designer Pearl Reddington, including a Dé Oversized Cardí and a Nü % Improved Hatta – valued at €300. In keeping with the Big Knit theme, both are adorable knitwear pieces which have been designed and created in Ireland.

To WIN, simply fill out the form below. If you can’t see the form, click here.

The innocent Big Knit is back, adding a pop of colour to communities nationwide in support of Age Action. Look out for lots of cosy little hats on top of innocent smoothies in shops across Ireland. For every behatted smoothie sold, 30 cent will go straight to Age Action.

Brought to you by Innocent