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17th Oct 2018

Take a spooky Halloween selfie on Snapchat and win yourself €250

Anna Daly


Brought to you by Fanta.

Now you can buy all the Halloween sweeties you want.

Ladies and Gents, it’s that time of the year again. The one time of the year when people go out of their way to scare themselves. We watch scary movies, go to haunted houses, tell spooky stories in the dark.

Pumpkins are bought, carved into scary shapes, and lit up eerily with candles, ghosts are seen floating around outside houses, and witches’ cackles can be heard around every neighbourhood.

Yes. It’s Halloween.

But you knew that. It’s pretty hard to avoid that Halloween feeling. Though why would you want to? Halloween is one of our absolutely favourite times of the year. We can dress up, eat sweets, drink some pumpkin spiced lattes, and, yes, get some adrenaline pumping with a few scary activities.


Because we love it so much, we have decided to team up with Fanta to make it an even BETTER Halloween for one of you by giving away a lovely little prize of €250 to whoever can send us the best snapchat selfie.

To mark Halloween, Fanta cans and bottles have received the ultimate makeover with ghostly graphics. All of these limited-editions cans and bottles will have a Snapcode with access to exclusive Snapchat lenses and filters. You will need to use these filters to enter the competition.

Here are the rules:

First, grab yourself a limited-edition can of Fanta – any flavour you want! Scan the Snapcode that unlocks the spooky Snapchat filters. Here’s a picture of what the code looks like.

Next, take a selfie with one of those Halloween-y filters. Or, indeed, the picture need not be a selfie. It could be of a spooky scene or, perhaps, a furry friend of yours. All that is required is that you use the Fanta filters in your picture.

Finally, once you have taken your picture, save it, upload it below, and then fill out the rest of the form.

And that’s it. We will then have a peruse of your photos and the best among them will win the €250 prize.

Now, remember, it’s Halloween so keep it spooky – the scarier the better!

Brought to you by Fanta.

All of the limited-edition Fanta packs carry Snapcodes with access to exclusive Snapchat filters and lenses that include a ghoulish bat, pumpkin and skull transformations. The limited-edition cans and bottles are available in stores now! Fanta are also proud sponsors of The Nightmare Realm. Buy tickets now and be sure to check out Fanta’s Virtual Reality Experience.