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07th Mar 2018

We’re giving away €1000 in Galway! Just follow these clues to win


Brought to you by Cadbury Creme Egg.

It’s the final hunt of the Cadbury Creme Egg Hunting Season and it’s set to be the greatest yet.

Don’t let the cold put you off now – just think of all the warm woollies (and so much more) you can nab yourself when you’re taking home the mega €1000 prize!

Best of all it’s not hard to win. You’ll have so much fun moseying about town (where better than Galway?) AND we’ve the crucial locations coordinates listed below. Your starting point is in Eyre Square at 12:20pm. Here you’ll receive a Cadbury Creme Egg – but don’t eat it. Instead, you’ll need to keep this safe, taking selfies with it at each of the 15 locations listed and posting each image to one Twitter account with the #CremeEggHuntingSeason.

Be sure to have those phones charged and Google Maps at the ready so you can search the 15 coordinates easily, AND…  bring the gang along for some super hunting craic too.

1. Get to Eyre Square at 12.20pm today.

2. Grab a Cadbury Creme Egg from Her and JOE teams before you start.

3. Below are 15 locations dotted around the city. Your mission is to take a selfie at each location with your Cadbury Creme Egg and post it on Twitter. You can go to the spots in any order you want and all Tweets must be on the same account.

4. You can go it on your own or with a team (you can spread out to cover more ground).

 5. Those who are victorious will be the ones who get back to the starting point with all 15 selfies posted to Twitter.

6. The runners-up won’t walk away empty-handed though. They too will receive a prize too.

7. Get creative with your pictures too as the person or team with the best selfie will also get a prize.

And here are the locations, along with what you’ll need to do at each spot. 

Location 1:

53.280349, -9.052341

 Grab a picture at the double doors

Location 2:

53.275225, -9.057517

Get a snap of this big building

Location 3:

53.279093, -9.038638

Get a picture with the logo on the wall out front

Location 4:

53.269918, -9.054128

 Get a picture with the arch

Location 5:

53.279789, -9.061092

Snap a pic with the yellow thingy

Location 6:

53.266978, -9.054189

Get a picture with a club name

Location 7:

53.274140, -9.053662

Get a snap with the mural

Location 8:

53.282157, -9.062348

Snap a picture with the big glass windows

Location 9:

53.274756, -9.050932

Get a picture of this iconic chipper

Location 10:

53.283242, -9.059518

Get a picture with this ruin of a castle

Location 11:

53.270284, -9.058079

Get a picture with the name of this live venue

Location 12:

53.285516, -9.065108

Get a snap with the wooden hut

Location 13: 

53.280057, -9.049889

 Get a snap with the big M

Location 14:

53.273742, -9.051481

Location 15:

53.274934, -9.045725

Get a snap with a bus

Brought to you by Cadbury Creme Egg.

By partaking in this event you agree to be bound by the terms of our accident waiver and release of liability form for Cadbury Creme Egg Hunt. Please make sure you read it carefully.