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13th Feb 2020

Tickled pink! Magnum has just released a ruby chocolate covered ice cream


Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Yesterday, Magnum launched a brand new ice cream that is sure to appeal to all the senses. Adding to a list of indulgent flavours like white chocolate and cookies, double caramel and double chocolate comes Europe’s first ever ruby chocolate covered ice cream.

Magnum Ruby is made with ruby cocoa beans, the fourth variant of chocolate, and gives ice cream and chocolate lovers the opportunity to indulge in a completely new ice cream taste experience.


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The much-anticipated new Magnum ice cream is now on sale and can be purchased exclusively in SPAR stores across Ireland.

You won’t miss this ice cream easily with its stunning natural pink hue, it’s perfect for the pending weekend of lurrvve. 

Trying out the ice cream yesterday, we can confirm it’s just as delicious as it is aesthetically pleasing and will satisfy any sweet tooth with its underlying berry taste.

Magnum Ireland Brand Manager Karen Murphy said of the launch:

The new Magnum Ruby is a decadent union of Ruby couverture chocolate and Magnum’s indulgent velvety ice cream and offers pleasure seekers the ultimate luxury ice-cream, offering a really unique and completely new ice-cream experience.”

The new Magnum Ruby 90ml single stick is available in SPAR stores nationwide for €2.20.