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31st Jan 2018

After a LOT of heartbreak, DCU students are getting their 5th goujon back


It was a travesty.

If you attended DCU or had a few mates who dragged you along to Shite Night back in the day, then you will fondly remember the chicken goujons.

They were probably the most delicious goujons anyone ever tasted, and saved many of us after a hungover 9am lecture.

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Not to mention they were super affordable, with five goujons and a bucket-full of chips for only a fiver.

And then, one sad day, the fifth chicken nugget got taken away from the dish, and students past and present cried out in sadness.

But now, after a lot of protesting (some lad even chained himself to the gates of the bar), the NuBar has announced that it is finally bringing back the fifth tender.

Announcing the news on Facebook, the NuBar wrote: “MASSIVE NEWS. So after intense talks last night the bar management and owners have made the decision to bring back the 5th goujon for good.

“Yes you heard right 5 goujons.”

YES. I’ve been out of DCU for years now and I’m still rejoicing.

We’re sure many students are rushing to the NuBar as we speak to pick up that coveted fifth goujon. Brilliant.