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29th Oct 2019

LADS! There’s a free espresso martini festival happening in Cork next month

Jade Hayden

Ah, stop.

Who among us can truly say that they don’t enjoy an espresso martini?

None of us, that’s who.

It’s the drink that’s got it all: caffeine, alcohol, two little beans floating on the top. What more could you ask for, honestly?

A few months back, there was chat of an espresso martini festival kicking off in the UK. 

It promised drinks, it promised not that expensive prices, it also promised an entire event that was happening in London so not at all that relevant to us then unless you were considering popping over for a night or two.

Now though, there’s going to be one in Cork – far handier, tbh.

Franciscan Well Brewpub have gotten together with Three Fools Coffee to create an array of tasty treats for the city’s first espresso martini festival Friday and Saturday, November 22 and 23.

“Throughout the caffeine, spirit & stout focused weekend, festival goers will be able to take part in workshops & demos such as ‘How to Make an Espresso Martini’, Stout tastings & Coffee Brewing Demos,” reads the event page.

“Other drinks on the go will be Irish coffees, nitro coffees, hot chocolates and of course Pompeii pizza will be on hand to fight off any hunger pangs! #YUM”

Divine scenario, tbh.

Tickets for the festival are indeed free, however there are a limited number available so you’ll need to get yourself sorted and register quickly over here.