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08th Feb 2019

Hubba Bubba gin now exists and our inner child is SCREAMING

Rebecca O'Keeffe

hubba bubba gin


Who else remembers chewing packet after packet of Hubba Bubba bubblegum?

Well imagine you could enjoy your fave childhood treat, while also getting a buzz on?

I know, major.

Sweet Little Liqueurs is a new company that create some of the best and most unique flavours of booze!

And they have created a HUBBA BUBBA GIN!

*heavy breathing*

“Bubba Hubba Liqueur” (they’ve obviously switched up the name for legal reasons) takes you back to your childhood with just one glorious sip!

This DELICIOUS beverage mixes perfectly with lemonade, Tonic Waters, Prosecco or you can enjoy it neat (if you’re a baller).

A bottle of this magical pink liquid costs £22.99 – BARGAIN tbh.

Oh, and if bubblegum isn’t your thing – the company also have custard cream gin and popcorn gin.

So many choices!

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