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30th Apr 2018

Good news because eating garlic could actually save your life


Who among us doesn’t love a bit of garlic?

It’s good in everything – pasta, pizzas, soups, sandwiches, curries, lasagnes, raw cloves…


If you’re that into your garlic, you are essentially a liar and we have very little time for you.

You also may want to rethink some of your garlic-based life choices because garlic could actually save your life and not just because it’s so delicious.

According to a new study conducted by scientists in the University of Nottingham, eating a good bit of garlic can actually reduce you chances of developing some specific kinds of cancer.

Apparently, it can also reduce your chances of getting cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes too.

Ideal, to be honest.

Their study showed that garlic produces a load of sulphur compounds no matter what way it’s prepared.

These compounds then affect their body’s ‘gaseous signalling molecules’ like nitric oxide and hydrogen sulphide – altered levels of which can be detected in people suffering from an array of different diseases.

Although these molecules are found in humans, scientists don’t yet know how they are metabolised.

The study’s senior author, Dr Peter Rose, said that despite this, the research shows they are on the right track.

He said:

“There is a lot of possibility within this area for finding approaches that could reduce the risk of diseases and improve human health, but it all comes back to those fundamental questions of what actually happens to these compounds when we metabolise them.”

Either way though, this news gives us the perfect excuse to continue eating buckets of garlic with every meal we consume.

Can’t go wrong, like.