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15th Aug 2018

‘Fat-burning’ doughnuts are now a thing and they look like the tastiest thing ever

Gimme, gimme, gimme

Have we died and gone to food heaven?

Because ‘fat-burning’ doughnuts are now a thing and we don’t think it could get any better.

A bakery, called NUFF (Natural Unprocessed Fat Burning Food), has created healthy doughnuts, brownies and cookies, and claim that they can help you lose weight.

The baked goods have less saturated fats, carbs and sugars than regular doughnuts, and instead, they use ingredients like raw cacao, nuts, fruit and coconut oil.

The doughnuts comes in around 145 calories, the brownies are 153 calories and the cookies come in at 160 calories. Their regular counterparts nearly double in those numbers.

CEO of NUFF, Kevin, explains: “I’ve tried a lot of the “healthy” alternatives before and they always fell incredibly short and left a lot to be desired.

“I wanted to give people something that successfully brings together the best of both worlds, offering something that is not only genuinely good for you, but also tastes so good that it triggers the same sensory reactions we get from eating junk food.

“Our treats are low in sugar and starch whilst providing protein and healthy fats which are essential for a healthy metabolism, and fibre, which slows the digestion process down reducing the impact on your blood sugar levels.”

Unfortunately, these beauties are only available in London at the moment (they deliver 24/7), but hopefully they’ll become big enough to be rolled out in Ireland!