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15th Apr 2023

Eagle-eyed crisp fans spot Mr Tayto lookalikes in Georgia and Malta


By Fiona Frawley

Mr T’s illegitimate children are cropping up all over the place.

Whether you like it or not, if you’re Irish the image of Mr. Tayto’s snappy suit and beaming yellow face is likely etched permanently somewhere in your brain, likely in a filing cabinet marked “national treasures” along with Nadine Coyle and the man who slipped on the ice.

He was the face of our national amusement park, the star of multiple ad campaigns and let’s be honest, probably the subject some sexual fantasies here and there.

But as it turns out, Mr Tayto’s influence is more far reaching than we initially thought.

Over the weekend, images emerged of a waving, top-hat clad mascot with the moniker “Mr Crispo” on a packet of salty snacks in Georgia.

Journalist Jack Kennedy shared the pic, writing “I have been informed of the existence of a Georgian crisp brand named “Mr Crispo” with a mascot who looks oddly familiar”.

Mr Crispo has been viewed over 400,000 times, with some taking the opportunity to point out other Mr. Tayto doppelgängers around the world.

“A blatant rip-off of Malta’s “Mr. Riley””, user Pádraig Durnin wrote, sharing a snap of the Maltese mascot smiling proudly atop two crisp packets.

Where will we see one of Mr Tayto’s long lost relatives popping up next? On a cheese puff packet in Pittsburg? Onion rings in Oslo? It’s all to play for. No doubt Ireland’s crisp enthusiasts will be keeping a watchful eye.