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01st Jul 2023

It turns out we’ve all been drinking pornstar martinis wrong

That’s us told…

Pornstar martinis have become the IT girl of cocktails and as much as we all love indulging in them, it turns out we’ve all been drinking them wrong.

An expert has revealed that we all could be drinking this entirely wrong when it comes to the prosecco that comes with it.

If you’ve ever ordered one of these before, you’ll know that alongside the cocktail itself comes a shot of prosecco, and everyone seems to have their own way of handling this.

Some of us neck it beforehand, others pour it into the drink and some take the shot after.

While these seem to be the only three options for this, it turns out each one is the wrong way.

The prosecco served alongside the drink is designed to cleanse your palette before you dive into the drink, allowing you to taste each flavour presented to you.

This means that the prosecco needs to be drunk before the pornstar martini itself. And you’re probably thinking, but people neck this? That’s not what this means.

The prosecco shot is supposed to be sipped on before drinking the cocktail.

So if you’re one of those people who neck it, you should try sipping on it instead. If you’re the person who leaves it until last, switch it around.

But if you’re the person who pours the shot in (the way I always thought was right), it can actually ruin the taste.

With vanilla, passionfruit and citrus already there, the prosecco can leave it unbalanced and ruin the mix.

The more you know…