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17th Jun 2023

Public shocked after HB decides to discontinue Choc Ices

It’s a sad day for Ireland as ice cream giants HB have announced that the Choc Ice has been discontinued.

First released in the ’60s, the Choc Ice became the backbone of all Irish ice creams – the bedrock upon which this country’s frozen dairy products have been built. But it is now, unfortunately, time to say goodbye.

HB confirmed the news by saying that Irish tastes have moved on from the simple chocolate-coated vanilla ice cream.

“We’re sorry to disappoint Choc Ice lovers with the discontinuation of this ice cream, but we have found that it is no longer as popular as it once was.”

The announcement was cushioned by the confirmation of the much-loved Feast coming back on the market for summer.

“We will continue to offer classics such as Iceberger, Brunch, and Loop the Loop, and are happy to say that we have also brought back our chocolate ice cream Feast in time for the sun to shine!”

However, the return of the Feast was not enough to stem the outrage felt by the nation upon hearing the news, with a petition already floating around social media hoping to bring back the beloved Choc Ice.

The news even reached the political sphere as Kerry TD Michael Healy Rae expressed his outrage on Twitter, saying: “Choc Ice are being discontinued, shocking, what’s next?? Is nothing sacred anymore?”

So, grab the remaining Choc Ices while you can as they will be going through their final production this month. It’s only a matter of time before they’re selling for thousands online.


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