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24th Jul 2017

Candy floss ice cream burritos exist and we don’t know how to feel

Would you try one of these?

Jade Hayden

Candy floss

We’re fans of ice cream. We’re fans of candy floss.

We’re also fans of rolling things into burrito-like shapes. But we’re not too sure how we feel about the candy floss ice cream burrito that’s been doing the rounds on social media.

Constructed by the guys at Sugar Sugar in Ontario, Canada, the giant pink and blue burritos have been dividing taste buds since they started appearing on all our timelines.

And for good reason.

Candy floss

The candy floss ice cream burrito isn’t really all that difficult to make.

First, the lads take a few scoops of ice cream. Then, they wrap it in some candy floss, burrito style.

Cut the roll in half and you’ve got yourself a genuine candy floss ice cream burrito – good enough to eat… or rot your teeth from the inside out, whichever you prefer.

Like a lot of people on the internet, we’re not too sure what to make of Sugar Sugar‘s concoction.

Is it actually a burrito? Wouldn’t the candy floss just dissolve? Do we really want to consume that much sugar in one sitting?

Candy floss ice cream burrito

We’re not sure if we’ll be seeing candy floss ice cream burrito shops popping up around Ireland anytime soon.

This is one fad that’s fairly unlikely to take off in any real way.

But hey, at least they look pretty.