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09th Feb 2018

Cadburys is hiring a chocolate taster and our dreams have come true


Olivia Hayes

OK, let’s all quit our jobs and apply to Cadburys.

Because what better job is there in the world that being a chocolate taster?

Yep, the news is true – the confectionary company want you to eat their bars – and get paid for it.

The official title is a Chocolate and Cocoa Beverage Taster, which means a cuppa hot chocolate will be thrown in there too.

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A major plus is that you don’t need any experience and full training will be given to you when you start.

The job description reads: “No experience is required as full training will be provided to develop your taste buds and the specific vocabulary required to communicate your opinions.

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“You will work in our dedicated sensory booths and discussion rooms, alongside approximately 11 panelists and a panel leader; sharing opinions and collaborating with others to reach an agreement on taste.”

However, you’ll be sad to know the that job is based in Reading in the UK… so you know, unless you want to jump ship and move to England, you’re going to have to miss out on it.

If you want to find out more, visit this website.