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05th Aug 2018

Butterbeer marshmallows EXIST and we might as well be in Hogwarts

Gimme, gimme, gimme

Olivia Hayes


If you’ve had the delight of visiting the Harry Potter world in Universal Studios, then you’ll know that everyone swarms over to the butterbeer cart as soon as it opens.

Day or night, the drink is everything you imagined it to be when you read the book (if not better) and every drop is gulped down to the bitterly sweet end.

That’s why we literally got giddy when we found out that butterbeer marshmallows are a thing, and they look so soft and fluffy we just can’t contain our excitement.

XO Marshmallows created the delish little treats for all us HP fans.

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The company’s Instagram page describe it as “made with our homemade butterbeer sauce and tastes like butterscotch + rum + perfection!”

Eh, yes please (give us all of them).

However, people are having a ‘mare at the moment because the Chicago-based business used to ship overseas, but has updated its international delivery system to only ship out to the US.

*Sobs into Penneys’ Gryffindor bed sheets*

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