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20th May 2019

This brilliant bottle lock will keep your prosecco safe from your housemates


Olivia Hayes

Well, isn’t this a glorious idea?

If you live in student accommodation, or in a rented property with housemates, it’s safe to say that things go missing. Hell, even if you still live at home things go missing.

Whether it’s food from the fridge, a top from your wardrobe, or more importantly, wine from your cupboard, it can be mega annoying when it happens (especially the last one).

Well, the latter can easily be fixed with this handy device.

Say hello to the bottle lock.

It’s a combination lock that you can secure on top of your bottle of wine (or prosecco, or any booze really) as a way to safeguard your alcohol from being stolen by your housemates/family/friends.

The website description reads: “Lock in your three-digit combination (keys free) and keep the contents in your bottle safe and secure. Also can be used as a bottle stopper and wine preserve, multifunctional.”

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The lock can fit the tops of most wine, beer, and liquor bottle, so you know you’re safe for any occasion.

What’s more, it’s currently on sale on Amazon for around €3, so you might as well treat yo’self.