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09th Jan 2018

Black Mirror has just come true and Pizza Hut is to blame


Make it stop.

Black Mirror is a good show, everybody knows this.

It’s got technology doing bad things and copied consciousnesses and a killer cast.

Season 4 also just dropped on Netflix a few weeks back so there certainly not been a shortage of weird and wonderful episodes to keep us entertained (‘USS Callister’, anybody?)

However, there is one thing that we’d prefer didn’t happen relating to Black Mirror and that’s it coming true.

To be honest, we’ve got enough social media based anxiety in our lives already without that happening.

It is though, and we are powerless to stop it.

Uh, oh.

Anyone who has seen the third episode of the latest series of the show will know that autonomous delivery vans are simply not a good idea.

‘Crocodile’ is about a series of crimes that can be theoretically stopped by rewatching witness memories and piecing together the events.

One of these crimes focused on a self-driving pizza delivery van that knocked somebody down.

Or, in other words, Pizza Hut’s latest invention.

Now, not only will a van like this put people out of jobs, but as Black Mirror has so accurately displayed, it simply cannot be trusted to just do its job and not run people over.

Though, neither can real-life humans, to be fair.