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18th Apr 2017

Aldi has recalled one of their food products over ‘health risks’

Laura Holland

Aldi has recalled their Yellowfin Tuna Steaks over fears that it could cause a health risk.

The product which comes in quantities of 240g is from the brand Skellig Bay and is sold in packs of two ‘firm & meaty yellowfin tuna steaks’.

It is being recalled over detection of high levels of histamine which could cause a health risk.

Aldi has said:

“We are recalling this product due to the detection of high levels of histamine. This means the product is a possible health risk for anyone who consumes it. If you have bought the above product, please do not eat it.”

They are also asking customers to return the product to the nearest store for a full refund.

The product code is 76993 and the use by dates affected are 05/04/2017, 13/04/17, 14/04/17, 15/04/2017 and 17/04/2017.