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13th Jul 2017

Will Ferrell says Mariah Carey caused a ‘sh*tstorm’ on his movie set

Sounds about right.

Anna O'Rourke


Will Ferrell seems like a sound guy but he certainly didn’t hold back when asked about Mariah Carey’s behaviour on the set of his new film House.

The singer had been poised to make a cameo appearance, he claimed, but had to be dropped from the movie after some unprofessional conduct during filming, reports Business Insider.

US talkshow host Andy Cohen asked Will if the rumours that Mariah was four hours late to set were true, and Will confirmed that they were.

When she did turn up, she offered some “script notes”, he said.

“One script note was ‘I don’t want to do this scene’, even though it was totally approved ahead of time.”

He also said that Mariah refused to sing one if her own songs that had also been pre-approved.

Mariah has yet respond to the comments but she does have something of a reputation for being a diva so it sounds like she was just being her fabulous self.