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16th Dec 2020

WATCH: Paul Mescal performs contemporary dance routine about lockdown

If there’s one man to make us all love a lockdown, it’s Paul Mescal.

Paul Mescal has expressed his feelings and emotions from 2020 in a contemporary dance routine.

The Irish actor somehow made the whole world fall in love with GAA shorts and now he’s turned the word ‘lockdown’ into a beautiful interpretative dance routine.

The dance is performed in a warehouse room filled with mannequins, and the Normal People star moves around them so graciously.

The whole piece was put together to reflect the year of 2020, all its ups and downs and the effect the pandemic has had on the arts industry. Mescal created the dance to launch Samsung Spotlight, a new initiative which will give performers a platform to showcase their talents.

Mescal, who attended the Lir Academy, choreographed the dance himself. He said: “Movement is something I loved doing at drama school and that I’ve missed doing since entering the industry, but this project took me totally out of my comfort zone as I am not a dancer.

“There are thousands of performers in the arts industry that have been affected by the closures of theatres, venues and stages who have and are going through an incredibly challenging time.”

“I’m really proud to launch Samsung Spotlight, which aims to help performers by giving them a platform to showcase their talents,” he added.

Paul rose to stardom in 2020 following his performance as Connell in Normal People.

Since starring in hit series, Paul has enjoyed a huge rise to fame and would now be recognised as a household name.

Overall, he seems to be coping well with the huge success, but says there are still some things he can’t do anymore as a celebrity.

“The worst decision I made after the show was when I was running along the canal,” he told The Sun. “It was too hot and I took my top off. Somebody nearly came over the top of their bike because they were screaming. I would have felt very guilty if they had been injured.”