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04th Dec 2020

WATCH: Charlie Brooker’s ‘Death to 2020’ is dropping soon

Wonder what this is gonna be about, eh?

2020 has been A Year. It will most likely go down in history as the 12 months that each and every one of us would like to forget, a period of time that was so grim, so upsetting, and so uncertain that we really would rather it not exist at all.

The year is, thankfully, almost over – and what better to memorialise it than with a new Charlie Brooker show most likely starring Hugh Grant? Can’t wait.

Black Mirror creator Brooker confirmed this news this week, sharing a true-to-form ominous clip about a new 2020-based episode set to land on our Netflix screens soon.

“2020. Even the creators of Black Mirror couldn’t make this year up,” reads the clip. “But they do have something to add.”

Sure they do, yeah.

In the final seconds of the clip the words “Death to 2020” flash up on screen, as well as the information that the new episode will, indeed, be coming soon.

No more details have been revealed about the episode just yet, but it’s looking fairly likely that it will end up being the Hugh Grant mockumentary about the year just gone.

Grant confirmed the news earlier this month, stating that he was working on a show with Brooker where he plays a “repellant historian.”

“Charlie Brooker has written a mockumentary about 2020. It’s for Netflix,” he said. Grant will be playing “a historian who’s being interviewed about the year. I’m pretty repellent, actually! And you’ll like my wig.”

It’s also looking like this episode isn’t going to be part of the usual series drop that Brooker does with Black Mirror. Earlier this year, he said that he wouldn’t be releasing an entire new ream of episodes any time soon.

“I’ve been busy, doing things,” he said at the time. “I don’t know what I can say about what I’m doing and not doing.”

Black Mirror first landed on Channel 4 back in 2011. It was a clever little niche show about the dangers of technology, and where we might end up if we’re not careful.

Over the years, Black Mirror has become something a little different. It lost a bit of its spark and its edge until Bandersnatch, the choose your own adventure episode, came along and increased its clout to acceptable levels again.

Here’s hoping ‘Death to 2020’ can do the same.

But it’s not Black Mirror, okay. It’s not.


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