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26th Nov 2018

Wait, WHAT?! Rita Ora is apparently dating this Love Island star

Here’s a couple we didn’t see coming.

Rita Ora has been incredibly busy as of late – from recording and releasing her new album to some incredibly high profile performances.

Well, it looks like even with that hectic schedule, Rita has found time to focus on her love life and is rumoured to be dating someone new – a Love Islander, no less.

According to reports, Rita has been introduced to Eyal Booker through mutual friends and the pair have hit it off.

Yes, the pair were introduced by mutual pal Vas J Morgan and since then, they’ve been seen on a number of dates this month, seen kissing on a night out, and were pictured leaving a London club together after one of Rita’s gigs.

“Rita and Vas are very close friends,” a source tells The Sun.

“He trusts Eyal and has got to know him on a personal level and he knew he and Rita would get along.

“Vas, Ryal and Rita’s sister Elena were the only people watching her from the side of the stage at the gig, proving he is already a part of her inner circle.”


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Rita is recently single after splitting from US musician Andrew Watt last month.

While we didn’t see Rita and Eyal coming, we think they’d make a seriously cute couple.