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30th Nov 2019

Viewers praise Sophia’s powerful anti-bullying message on the Late Late Toy Show

Keeley Ryan

Late Late Toy Show fans were praising Sophia’s powerful anti-bullying message last night.

The Frozen-themed holiday extravaganza aired on Friday night, with plenty of toys, performances and surprise guests.And, of course, the children who joined Ryan Tubridy for the various segments throughout the show.

Eight-year-old Sophia Maher was on the show to demonstrate Pikachu themed plush toys and the Nintendo Switch, as well as a Pac Man game.

But it was the Dubliner’s incredible anti-bullying message and bravery that really blew us away.

After showcasing some of the games, the discussion turned to the harsh comments that Sophia had experienced in life.

“Bullies never win,” Tubridy explained. “They never win in life. They never win when they’re young. They never win when they’re old. And you will win because you’re a gorgeous human being.”

“Do you have a message for other kids who are having a bit of trouble in their life?” the host asked.

“Don’t let the bullies stop the things… from doing the things you want to do,” Sophia said, speaking down the camera. “And life would just suck if everyone was the same.”

“That’s it exactly,” Tubridy agreed.  “So you just keep on being who you are, what you are, whoever you want to be.”

And there wasn’t a dry eye in the studio – or at homes across the country, as viewers took to Twitter to praise Sophia.

You can watch the full segment below.