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22nd Dec 2017

Turns out Karl from Neighbours was a babe back in the day


Did not expect this.

Whether you’re a die-hard Neighbours fan or have even just flicked past it on telly at any stage over the past twenty-odd years, you’ll recognise Alan Fletcher.

The Aussie actor has played philandering Dr Karl Kennedy on the soap since 1994.

It’s hard to deny that he’s pretty crush-worthy now but it turns out that that’s always been the case.

Matt Wilson, who plays Aaron Brennan on the soap, has shared a throwback photo of the doctor to Instagram that’s definitely gotten our heart rate up.

The side-by-side image shows Aaron strolling along a beach in a pair of Speedos and a much younger Alan in the exact same get-up.

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The image has racked up over 6,500 likes on Instagram and has fans swooning, but Alan was pretty humble about the whole thing.

“We were at Travis Burns’ wedding and my wife Jen showed Matty that photo of me,” he told

“He’s obviously a very fit young guy. I’m the amateur in that competition.

“But I did take the opportunity to gently warn Matty that while he’s in spectacular shape now, if he doesn’t look after himself he’ll end up looking like me.”

Dreamy and modest – Alan, we only love you more now.