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16th Oct 2018

The trailer for the new season of Carpool Karaoke is out and OMG, so good

This looks like FUN.

As if a lie detector test between Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner wasn’t enough, it also includes the Muppets, Snoop Dogg and Matthew McConaughey.

At the beginning of the clip, we see Hailey and Kendall taking a lie detector, where Kendall asks her friend if Justin thinks she’s cool.

Hailey answers “Of course,” but it comes out as a LIE. They break their hearts laughing and so do we.

From the trailer we also find out that Kendall Jenner once created a fake profile to see what her ex-boyfriend was up to (and all we want to know is who exactly that ex-boyfriend is).

The rest of the trailer sees Jason Sudeikis sit in with the Muppets, Jon Hamm, Lonely Island – and let’s be honest, it just looks like great craic altogether.

But seriously – we need more of that lie detector because it’s just TOO GOOD.

It’s been a while since Carpool Karaoke has been on our screens, and since we can watch it free on the Apple TV app, we’re going to dive right in the middle its available.