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29th Nov 2021

Toy Show’s sign language interpreter Amanda Coogan hailed a “national treasure”

Sarah McKenna Barry

“I absolutely want to hit the club or a gaff party with Amanda.”

Amanda Coogan has been winning fans all over Ireland after she provided Irish Sign Language interpretation during Friday night’s Late Late Toy Show.

Coogan, who also works as a performance artist went down a treat on Twitter, with many calling her a “legend” for her work.

In one clip, during DJ Callum’s techno set, Amanda danced alongside with the ravers, conveying the music to viewers.

One Twitter user shared the now viral clip and wrote: “Well I have to say, as much as I loved #DJCallum and #HypemanJackson on the #LateLateToyShow2021 last night, #AmandaCoogan absolutely stole the show with her moves!”

Another wrote: “When it comes to sign language, the Irish are in a league of their own… as with most things.”

A third said: “I absolutely want to hit the club or a gaff party with Amanda. The girlf we all need.”

Us too.

A fourth fan tweeted: “Think we’ll be replacing the phrase ‘dance like no one’s watching’ to ‘dance like you’re #amandacoogan'”.

The Irish Deaf Society shared praise, not only for Coogan, but for the two other Irish Sign Language interpreters who worked on the show –  Sarah-Jane O’Regan and Aisling Dragoi.

This year’s Toy Show saw a host of talented and inspirational children join Ryan Tubridy to celebrate Christmas and review the season’s most popular toys.

Highlights of the evening included a sensational Lion King performance and cameos from the likes of Kellie Harrington and Ed Sheeran.

On top of that, the evening saw the public raise over €5 million for children’s charities through the Toy Show Appeal. Viewers raised well over €3 million on the night, and donations continued to pour in after the show. Revolut’s co-founder then donated a further €100,000 and pledged to match donations.