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28th Aug 2017

TMI? Farrah Abraham shares pictures of her vaginal rejuvenation

'Loving my lady parts'.

Orlaith Condon

The Teen Mom star has been sharing pictures from the procedure on her social media.

Farrah Abraham took to Instagram over the weekend to give her followers a look at the behind-the-scenes of her vaginal rejuvenation.

“Loving my lady parts,” read the post which included a video of her consultation.

The 26-year-old encouraged her followers to “schedule your noninvasive appointment today”, after revealing her hopes to look “like I’m 16 again”.

The post was quickly criticised by followers who said she was oversharing.

“Farrah, why? I understand you’re a mom and need the procedure for personal reasons, but why make it public?” read one comment.

“Have respect as a mother for your child and for others,” it continued.

The MTV star has previously had plastic surgery on her nose, chin, and has had breast implants, which she has been very open about.

In 2015, she shared images of her allergic reaction after she had lip implants put in.