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28th Feb 2022

Tinder Swindler’s Shimon Hayut reportedly charging $20,000 for nightclub appearances

Sarah McKenna Barry

He apparently has a long list of demands.

Shimon Hayut, whose scams were the focus of the hugely popular Netflix film The Tinder Swindler, is reportedly charging nightclubs a significant fee in exchange for him to pop by.

According to a report by TMZ, Hayut has been offered gigs at clubs in Philadelphia and Boston in the US, as well as Germany and Mexico.

However, nightclub insiders have told the website that he has a pretty long list of demands, which include a reported appearance fee of $20,000.

But that’s not all. TMZ alleges that he is also asking for bottle service, a private jet, a black SUV car service, two security guards and to be put up at a five star hotel.

On top of that, it has emerged that the Tinder Swindler has been making significant amount of money on the personalised video message service Cameo.

The conman is currently charging fans $200 for a video greeting, and, within three days of getting started, he had already garnered a whopping $30,000 on the platform.

It seems that Shimon is riding the wave of infamy offered to him after the Netflix documentary dropped earlier this year. The film highlighted how he was able to dupe numerous women out of an estimated $10 million after meeting them on Tinder.

Shimon pretended to be the son of an Israeli diamond billionaire, but convinced the women he dated into giving him money by pretending his life was in danger.

Shimon was eventually sent to a Finnish prison for fraud, theft and forgery, but only served five months, and was let out due to “good behaviour”.

Shortly after the Netflix documentary dropped, Shimon issued a statement on Instagram claiming that he plans on telling his own side of the story.

Recently, Tinder announced that he had been officially banned from the dating app.