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15th May 2018

There’s a Shrek fan theory been discovered that will absolutely ruin your day

Jade Hayden


Just no.

Right, everyone loves a bit of Shrek.

It’s funny, it’s heartwarming, it’s got the gingerbread man in it… everything you could possibly need from a great family, animated movie.

However, in true Reddit fashion, someone off Reddit has only gone and totally ruined Shrek for us via a fan theory regarding a few of the character.

Not necessary Shrek the ogre himself now, he hasn’t done anything wrong.

This actually concerns Lord Farquaad and the three bears… and be warned, because it’s sad as fuck.

Cast your mind back there to the beginning of Shrek before himself and Donkey actually met.

Viewers were introduced to an assortment of fairytale creatures including the three bears who were locked up in cages.

There they are now.

We go on – later on in the movie when Shrek heads back to his swamp, a few of the fairytale creatures are hanging out there too including papa bear and baby bear.

Mama bear is nowhere to be seen which, you know, isn’t really seen to be that much of an issue until you realise that she isn’t there because she’s been brutally murdered by Lord Farquaad who then used her skin as a rug.

No, really. She has.

Later on in the movie, viewers see this in the corner of his bedroom.

Yeah, we know.


Reddit users thought the same thing too and they were absolutely less than impressed that somebody had come to crush all of their Shrek related dreams.

We really don’t blame them, either.