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02nd Jan 2018

There’s a HUGE change in store on tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother launch

This will be... weird!

A year of firsts for the reality show.

As Celebrity Big Brother returns to our screens tonight, there will be one major change from previous seasons.

No, we’re not talking about the all-female cast – although that is another show first – we’re talking about the famous voice we’ve all been impersonating for years.

Yes, that Big Brother voice will be missing from tonight’s show and there is nobody more shocked than the man behind said voice – Marcus Bentley.

Bentley took to Twitter today to reveal that he wouldn’t be a part of tonight’s show, saying:

“This will be the first CBB launch I’ve watched from home!

“Can’t wait!”

Yes, the famous voice from above will not be on tonight’s show and it all goes back to the show’s plan to have an all-female line-up – at least for the launch.

No need to worry though, fans, the loveable vocals of Marcus Bentley will return from tomorrow night.

Yes, while we fully support the move to have an all-female line-up, we don’t think we could wrap our heads around another voice.

It doesn’t seem right, somehow.