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29th Nov 2019

There’s a challenge on TikTok going viral because apparently, only women can do it

You need to try this.

TikTok is a dangerous app.

Open it and all of a sudden, four hours pass.

Just like that.

The continuous stream of videos means that you just keep scrolling, watching different people from all around the world nab their shot at 20 seconds of fame and yeah, it’s highly addictive.

And like any social media platform, TikTok is no different when it comes to trends starting to form. From the Baby Mama video to the 223 dance and now, the chair challenge, TikTok users are like moths to a flame when something begins to do the rounds.

The chair challenge however, has become so popular that it’s now a hit on Instagram and Twitter too as people test out the skill that apparently only women can do due to a lower centre of gravity.

Here’s how to test it out yourself.

Grab a guy, grab a girl.

The girl goes first (the guy then follows the same instruction).

Put your two feet against the wall. Step back twice and put your feet together.

Lean your head off the wall (feet still too steps back), slide a chair in underneath your head on the floor.

With your head resting on the wall, lift the chair to your chest and stand up.

The result = women can stand and men apparently can’t.

Here’s a video to show you how it’s done…

We tried it in the office and it’s fair to say it works. None of the lads could stand up while the girls didn’t even see an issue with the challenge.

Does this prove that we’re the best as per usual? Obviously, yeah.