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24th Jun 2014

The Circle Of Life: 20 Reasons The Lion King Is The Greatest Disney Film Of All Time

Can you feel the love tonight?

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Disney’s classic hit The Lion King.

Yes, it has been TWENTY YEARS since we all cried our eyes out at the death of a lion, fell in the love with an animated Africa and wished our best friends were a meerkat and warthog.

The highs, the low, the tears of sorrow and the tears of laughter, The Lion King has it all.

Just to prove how much we love the movie two decades on we put together 20 reasons why The Lion King is the greatest Disney film of all time.

For those of you who are shouting ‘Frozen’ at your screen right now, we have one thing to say to you… Let it go, Let it go.


1. We’ve all recreated this famous scene with a puppy, cat or teddy bear. Some of us still do.

2. We found out what Hakuna Matata meant. In case you still don’t know, it’s a wonderful phrase and no passing craze… it means no worries for the rest of your days, a problem free philosophy, Hakuna Matata.

3. Timon and Pumbaa are the greatest duo ever.

4. MUFASA! Your first love was an elderly lion.

5. “You see, he lives in you.” Rafiki was a genius.

6. We just cannot wait to be king…

7. Star gazing became our new favourite thing… “The great Kings of the past look down on us from those stars”.

8. Simba And Nala… Arguably the greatest love story the animal kingdom has ever witnessed.

9. A researcher sued Disney for defamation of character after being miffed at the portrayal of hyenas as villains in the film. Even after being sued it is still the greatest.

10. Even animals find Mufasa’s death too much to handle…

11. Pumbaa was the first Disney character that viewers ever heard farting. He’s gas.


12. Disney’s top animators were actually focusing on the making of Pocahontas at the time of The Lion King’s production and predicted that it would do much better… We’re always for the underdog.

13. The Circle Of Life… need we say any more?

14. Scar. Now we’re not suggesting for one minute that we like him or forgive him for what he did, but there is no denying that Scar is the greatest of all the Disney villains.


15. At some stage in our lives we’ve all seen Mufasa in the clouds.

16. The hidden messages. You didn’t hear about them? Let us show you the most popular one…


17. Valuable life lessons were learnt… Never run from your past.

18. The Lion King meets Westlife. Some people love it even more than we do. Be warned, this may make you cry. A lot.

19. Simba’s mane after he hits puberty was modelled on Jon Bon Jovi’s hair. Yes, he’s a rockstar.


20. Can you feel the love tonight? We can.