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02nd May 2019

The Chase’s Bradley Walsh was left speechless after a contestant kissed him ON THE LIPS


The lovely Bradley Walsh has been presenting the chase since 2009 – ten years this year lads.

And in that period of time, there have certainly been some weird occurrences.

However, on Wednesday night, Bradley got one of the biggest shocks ever on the show.

A contestant called Kathy played an absolute blinder, and beat the Chaser, Anne Hegerty.

No easy task, as viewers will know.

And in all of Kathy’s excitement, she decided to pull Bradley in and give him a smooch on the lips.

Oh, we’re not kidding!

The contestant said: “Oh my God, I can’t believe it,” to which Bradley replied with: “Join the club!”

It was all very awkward. But also very excellent.

Anne also piped in with her views on the random unsolicited smooch:

“Yes that was unusual. Are you alright?”


A still rather shocked Bradley Walsh replied “I’m going for a lie down!”

Kathy and her fellow contestant Gareth went on to beat the Chaser once and for all, winning £13,000.

A great day out for all involved.