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27th Nov 2019

TG4’s emotional documentary on working dogs in Ireland and how they change lives airs tonight

Paul Moore

If you love dogs, you’ll definitely be watching this.

A few months ago, Netflix recently added the documentary Pick of the Litter to their library and the feature proved to be immensely popular with viewers.

Of course, anyone that loves dogs was bound to watch it, but the documentary gave a key insight into how important these animals are in people’s lives. Without guide dogs for assistance and companionship, there are so many life experiences that people can miss out on.

Granted, we all love dogs because they’re extremely loyal and cute, but there’s a very real reason why they’re referred to as man’s best friend.

Simply put, some animals have the ability to change lives.

In TG4’s two-part documentary series The Secret World of Working Dogs, viewers will get a unique insight into the lives of working dogs in Ireland.

The bilingual documentary series tells the stories of men, women and children whose lives are dramatically changed and improved by their newly established partnerships with their working dog.

It also shows how extraordinary abilities of these working dogs are helping doctors and scientists to find breakthrough medical solutions to worldwide health problems.

In terms of its narrative and aesthetic approach, the synopsis states that the series “blends science with human interest to realise the capabilities of these animals and learn about the special relationship between dog and owner, and how that bond enhances and empowers the lives of people with disabilities and life-debilitating illnesses.

“Scientists at the leading research centres in Ireland and the UK show us how dogs are revolutionising our treatment of many illnesses, from cancer, epilepsy and diabetes, to autism and visual impairment. Could it be that dogs will soon play an even more prominent role in our national health services?”

Following a diverse range of characters and talented canines, The Secret World of Working Dogs stops audiences in their tracks by giving them an opportunity to witness how, from the birth of these unique animals to the end of their working lives, science, skill and rigorous training create life changing and life-saving opportunities.

Part one of Saol an Mhadra Bháin/The Secret World of Working Dogs airs at 21:30pm on TG4.

Clips via ThinkMidas and TG4