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20th Sep 2021

The teaser trailer for And Just Like That is here

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Ok, we need to really suppress our excitement with this one.

The Sex and the City ladies are officially back and better than ever, with the teaser trailer for the spin-off And Just Like That dropping.

Posting on the official Instagram page, a mini trailer has just hit our phones and all we can say is wow.

The HBO Max series doesn’t give a whole lot away, but it’s certainly gotten us excited to see more as Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda rejoin forces for this reboot.

The clip shows the original three, minus Samantha, as well as Mr. Big, who seems to be happily loved up with Carrie.

But of course, this is only one clip and a lot more can happen than that, seeing as a leaked script was shared by Page Six which indicated that was absolutely not the case.

While their relationship may never have been the smoothest of journeys, with Carrie being jilted at the altar in the first film and ending up kissing Aidan in the second.

And in another leaked scene, Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Stanford are having lunch when Carrie asks: “I was doing well, wasn’t I doing well? Before this?”

Miranda responds: “Yes, you were.”

“Remarkably well,” adds Charlotte.

and just like that

And Stanford adds: “I’ve been very impressed.”

While And Just Like That is only available to watch on the US only streaming service, with the number of people here ready to get a glimpse of it, we can’t imagine it’ll be too long before it airs in Ireland.

And it could be sooner than we think, with filming starting in May 2021, the show could be on our screens by 2022.

The show will have 10 half an hour episodes, with Insider saying: “rather than a new season of the original series, the reboot is being described as a ‘new chapter’ entirely.”