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29th Oct 2019

There was a very strong reaction to David Attenborough’s newest documentary

Rudi Kinsella

#SevenWorldsOnePlanet has taken audiences by storm.

The weekend produced a lot of great TV viewing (which mainly included football and rugby)…

But while many people were on the edge of their seats watching the sport, others sat back and marvelled at yet another excellent David Attenborough documentary.

#SevenWorldsOnePlanet aired on BBC One, and as is almost always the case with Attenborough-created documentaries, people loved it.

The first episode of the seven-part series followed the continent of Antarctica, while occasionally making reference to the ongoing climate emergency, but for the most part just showing nature at its most incredible.

And if you missed it, don’t worry – the BBC have for some reason released a compilation of dozens of penguins … doing their business, and added it to some cheerful music.

Take a look, unless you happen to be eating your dinner at the minute…

Naturally, people took to Twitter to praise the first episode of the show:

Each episode of the show will focus on a different continent, with Attenborough and his crew taking a closer look at Asia next week.

Roll on 6.15pm next Sunday.