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29th May 2020

Steve Carrell’s Space Force landed on Netflix today, just so you know

Jade Hayden

It’d be perfect bank holiday viewing… if the weather wasn’t so good.

Just kidding, we’ll be watching it regardless.

A new kind of workplace comedy is launching today. It’s called Space Force, and it’s set in space. And Steve Carrell is in it too.

Honestly, what more information do you need?

Created by Carrell and Greg Daniels (of The US Office fame), the new comedy series follows four-star general Mark R. Naird (Carell) as he finds himself leading the newly formed sixth branch of the US Armed Forces, aptly named Space Force.

Unsure of what his new role will mean but desperate to try it out anyway, Mark uproots his family and moves to a remote base in Colorado.

There he starts working with a new team of scientists and ‘Spacemen’ in a bid to get the US back on the moon and kick off the space race once again.

Chaos will, naturally, ensue – which is really not all that surprising considering this isn’t your average office job.

The stakes are a lot higher.

Space Force also stars John Malkovich, Diana Silvers, Tawny Newsome, Ben Schwartz, Lisa Kudrow, Jimmy O. Yang, Noah Emmerich, Alex Sparrow and Don Lake. The US Office’s Howard Klein serves as executive producer as well.

Carrell says that the series came about in a “rather atypical way.”

“Netflix had this premise that they thought might make a funny show — the idea made everybody laugh in a meeting, an idea of a show about the origins of a fictitious Space Force,” he says.

“I heard about the idea through my agent, and Netflix pitched the show to me, and then I pitched the show to Greg, and we all had the same reaction to it. There was no show, there was no idea aside from the title.

“Netflix asked, ”Do you want to do a show called Space Force?” And I pretty much immediately said, “Well yeah, sure. That sounds great.” And then I called Greg, and I said, “Hey, you want to do a show called Space Force?” And he said, “Yeah, that sounds good. Let’s do it.”

“And it was really based on nothing, except this name that made everybody laugh. So we were off and running.”

Sounds great, in fairness.

Space Force is streaming now on Netflix. You can check out the trailer here: