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05th Mar 2021

Saturday Night Takeaway receives over 100 complaints after Gordon Ramsay insults guest’s teeth


Ramsay never minces his words.

Ofcom received 104 complaints about Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway last weekend after Gordon Ramsay mocked a contestant’s teeth.

The majority of the complaints specifically remarked upon the insulting comment Ramsay made during the “read my lips” segment of the show.

Ramsay was the celebrity guest announcer on last weekend’s episode and had to decipher what contestants were saying by lip-reading them while wearing noise cancelling headphones.

A contestant, Lorna, was repeatedly shouting “Garlic bread,” but Ramsay couldn’t work out what she was saying.

The celebrity chef, famous for his foul-mouthed rants on his cooking programmes, said: “I can’t… It’s the gap in the teeth, I can’t understand what she’s saying.”

Presenters Ant and Dec laughed at his comment, but there were some disgruntled viewers at home who took it upon themselves to tweet about the offensive nature of his comment, with a further 68 complaining about the comment.