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25th Jun 2018

We really want a Love Island makeup bag but they’re fairly pricey

Thanks but no thanks.

Anna O'Rourke

We’re fully behind Love Island but we can’t get behind this.

If you want to display your love for the summer’s best reality show for the world to see, you might be interested to hear that the official Love Island shop is back open for business.

The online store sells branded merch that you can personalise with your own name so you can feel like you’re drinking from a water bottle in the villa in Spain and not in your front room in Cork.

The newest official Love Island product available to buy is this cute makeup bag.

It’s the same as the ones that this year’s Islanders have been issued with and would handy to have for your brushes, a load of nail varnishes or maybe some snacks.

We’d love to have one but we wouldn’t be fussed paying for it. They cost £12 each (around €13.64), plus £4.95 (€5.63) for shipping so €19.27 altogether – pretty steep for a clear bag with a single word on it.

Other items available to buy at the Love Island shop include a clear personalised phone case (£10/ €11.63), wristbands (£1/ €1.14) and the aforementioned water bottle (£15/ €17.05).

We’ll probably just nip into Penneys and grab one of their Love Island pieces.

The retailer has launched a collection of bumbags, mugs, socks, togs, t-shirts and pretty much anything else they could put a logo on.

There’s even bunting (€3) for those of us who feel like creating a celebratory atmosphere in their room while they watch.