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24th Jul 2019

The reaction to Jordan telling LIES last night was absolutely savage on Twitter

Olivia Hayes

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What WAS that?

It all went down on Love Island last night. During the episode, Jordan told Curtis that he started to have feelings for India and was confused about his relationship with Anna.

Curtis, who once gave good advice in the villa, decided to tell his friend that he should crack on with India even though he just asked the girl he’s coupled up with to be his girlfriend two days ago.

Great advice, Curtis. Just great.

The dancer went on to tell Maura who, can we just say, had the best reaction known to man. She barely let Curtis speak to “explain” himself, threw her glass of wine on the grass and promptly got up to tell Anna what was happening.

AND even though Curtis said he was pissed off with her, she didn’t care because she wasn’t going to lose a friend over some boy.

All Hell broke loose as Anna confronted Jordan and instead of saying what he was actually doing, he just kept repeating “I’m having a conversation.” OK, mate.

Of course, those watching took to Twitter to express their views of the situation, and it was completely savage.

We just can’t wait to see what will happen tonight.