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01st Jun 2018

The Queer Eye music video is here and our Friday just got so much better

Jade Hayden

queer eye music video


Queer Eye is back this month and if you weren’t already painfully aware of that situation then please take a moment to sit down and consider the way that you have been living your life.

Because it’s wrong.

The lads will be back on our Netflix-based screens on June 15 to teach straight men how to dress, what moisturiser is, and basically just sort themselves out, really.

But while we’re all waiting with bated breath for the second series of the wildly popular show to drop, Netflix has gifted us a stunning music video to accompany their theme tune.

It features lots of great things like Betty Who, Antoni wearing a crop top surrounded by avocados, Jonathan and a very necessary wind machine, and an extremely glitter-y car.

Basically, everything you need to start your Friday night off on the right foot.

Here’s some screenshots of the beautifully put together video.


Netflix says:

“This season, the Queer Eye Fab Five return to the Georgia heartland, forging connections with communities from a wide array of backgrounds and beliefs often contrary to their own.

“Touching on everything from self-love and faith to immigration and how to make the perfect homemade poke bowls and more!”

Dying for this.