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01st Sep 2019

Popcorn at the ready! These are the 8 best movies on TV today

Rory Cashin

Features one of the best movies of the 2010s so far.

Here we are.

Officially into September. Summer is OVER, guys and gals. Break out the jumpers and hot water bottles.

This is also when movies in the cinema tend to get better, thanks to the impending awards season, and we review all the latest big screen releases right here.

But if you’re staying in this evening, then there are some proper crackers to enjoy on the telly, starting with…


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – RTE Two – 6.10pm

The sixth of the eight movies, and the probably the one where things got a little too dark for their own good. Still, when you’re dealing with the…. eh…. (careful not to spoil anything) …. particular plot details of this entry, we guess some darkness is necessary.

Bad Teacher – Comedy Central – 9pm

Cameron Diaz is the not-good-person-of-education in the title, who decided to try to become a proper good teacher when a new arrival (Justin Timberlake) arrives in the school and appears to only have any interest in those who are good at their jobs. However, it is sports teacher Jason Siegel who has all the best lines, and the proper spark with Diaz.

(This is immediately followed by another Diaz/Siegel comedy, Sex Tape, on the same channel, at 11pm. But it is not a good movie. You’ve been warned.)

Gone Girl – RTE One – 9.30pm

Ben Affleck is the primary suspect in the murder of his missing wife Rosamund Pike, but through her diary (and flashbacks) we get a glimpse that she was not the perfect spouse she appeared to be. And that she probably isn’t as murdered as everyone believes she is.

I Give It A Year – E4 – 10pm

Rose Byrne and Rafe Spall star in this rom-com about a young couple who get caught up in their immediate attraction and get married very early into the relationship, only to discover that married life might not be for them.

Frozen – Horror Channel – 11pm

Not the Disney musical (which, for some parents, should also belong on the Horror Channel). Nope, this is the survival horror story of three skiers who get stuck on a ski-lift over night. They all start to slowly freeze to death, the drop to the mountain below is just that bit too far, and there are hungry wolves waiting below should they risk it.

Wanted – ITV4 – 11.05pm

James McAvoy is recruited by Angelina Jolie to join a group of elite assassins when he discovers that his long-lost father was one of the best killers in the world. A properly bonkers action movie, you’ll either go with it, or you won’t.

’71 – Film4 – 11.15pm

Jack O’Connell stars in this horror-movie-disguised-as-a-war-movie, playing a soldier in 1971 Belfast who gets accidentally left behind enemy lines, and must find a way through an entire city that wants him dead. One of the best movies of the decade.

A Perfect Murder – TCM – 12.55am

A remake of the Hitchcock classic Dial M For Murder, it stars Michael Douglas as the rich husband who hires his wife’s lover (Viggo Mortensen) to kill her (Gwyneth Paltrow), only for everything to go sideways when the plan doesn’t, eh, go according to plan.